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What is a Paint Correction?

Paint Correction

Mina El-Serafi

November 16, 2022

Paint correction is quite simple in theory, very difficult in execution. The swirls and scratches you see are actually in just the top layer of paint called the clear coat. By removing the top layer of damaged clear coat, we can effectively remove any defects from the paint.

It takes years of experience to safely remove that top layer of damaged, stained or scratched paint without burning or removing too much paint. We use a series of polishing machines, compounds, and, when needed, sanding, to safely remove defects from the clear coat. This exposes a new, virgin layer of paint ready for protection!

ferrari 360 paint correction restoration and porsche 992 gt3 silver for paint correction and paint protection film
Porsche 992 GT3 and Ferrari 360



Unsightly swirls and scratches diminish the color and depth of the paint., but there is no right and wrong time where a paint correction is needed, however that is not the case when asking how often you need a correction. Due to the finite amount of paint on the vehicle, the more we correct the paint, the higher the chance of damaging it. We suggest to do a paint correction only when you are planning on protecting the paint afterwards.

We commonly see clients choosing a paint correction when:
– Prior to Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating installation
– Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle
– Restoring a vehicle, you have owned for a while (Usually packaged with a Complete Interior Detail)